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3 Things All Pallet Users Should Know

Wooden pallets

While pallets may seem like simple structures, they’re at the core of any business’s supply chain operations, carrying the weight of entire warehouses on their backs. Here are three things all pallet users should know about.

Specifications Are Important

The size and shape of your pallet can have a massive impact on its operation and application. The type of pallet you use for your operations can affect the following:

  • Pallet failure rate and performance

  • Ideal weight distribution and unit load efficiency

  • Palletization process

  • Pallet cost

  • Interaction with equipment, racks, and automated systems.

From the fastener type and width of the deck board to the overall size, everything should be taken into consideration. As such, you must conduct a pallet audit after every few years.

Understand The Clients

Pallets that a food distributor uses differ from the pallets that an electronic manufacturer uses for their inventory. That’s why you must understand your client’s needs so that you know what kind of pellets you should use. Using the right kind of pallets can reduce logistical friction and foster better relationships.

Cardboard boxes on wooden pallets

Cutting Costs

While pallets are important for all kinds of facilities, their cost matters a lot. It’s not a good option to cheap out on the pallets as they can fail in their function and cause damage to the workers and products. It doesn’t matter what kind of an environment your business is functioning in, there are always cost-cutting ways you can follow.

The most efficient and easiest way to reduce the expenses is to use recycled pallets. While these pallets are constructed with used materials, their capacity is similar to new pallets. Recycled pallets come in different quality grades and offer savings of as much as 60%.

Moreover, remanufactured and combo pallets provide similar benefits when it comes to cost. Remanufactured pallets are ideal for facilities that require custom-made small pallets. They’re made from cutting down standard pallets. Combo pallets are made from a mixture of old and new materials.

Whether you’re on the lookout for wooden pallets or transportation products, you can find it all at Cantarero Pallets. We’re a reliable company that deals in supply chain management products.Contact us today to know more.

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