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Cantarero Pallets, Inc. adds new Bolingbrook, IL. pallet facility to their family business


March 10th, 2022


Bolingbrook, IL – Wooden pallets manufacturer Cantarero Pallets, Inc. has just announced the opening of their new 200,000 square foot pallet facility in Bolingbrook, IL. The new facility is the third warehouse operated by the company and marks their latest expansion of services to current and new customers throughout the northern Illinois region.

Cantarero Pallets, Inc. is a well-known and well-established family-owned company that manufactures and supplies a wide variety of wooden pallets for the shipping and logistics industry.

“We saw a need to expand our presence and services to geographic areas of Chicago and its’ suburbs that would make our pallet shipments and deliveries even faster and potentially more cost-effective for our growing customer base,” said Chief Executive Officer Anwar Cantarero.

Cantarero Pallets, Inc. already operates two pallet warehouse facilities located in Joliet, IL, and Wauconda, IL. “We realized that since we already had good customer area coverage in the Southern part of Illinois and far northern area of Illinois, it made a lot of sense to open our new Bolingbrook facility in between those areas to even out our ability to further focus on customer acquisition and servicing,” said Mr. Cantarero.

Cantarero Pallets, Inc. is a leading Illinois manufacturer and supplier of new and used wooden pallets. They currently maintain a fleet of twenty trucks and five hundred trailers to serve Illinois and adjoining regions.

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