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Let Cantarero Pallets help you maximize your shipping needs.


We can prepare and deliver most of our wood pallets orders within 24 hours.


We go way beyond offering typical one size fits all solutions because our customers demand custom wood pallets for various needs. By selling our made-to-order wooden pallets online, we reduce inefficiencies in the shipping process that can negatively affect our customers’ bottom line.


We strive to continue to improve and refine the unit load concept for our customers with complete efficiency and precision making our pallet products more cost-effective and affordable. Our wide range of services also include wooden pallet repairs and custom treatments.

Get in touch with us today to buy the finest quality of new or recycled industrial pallets online.




Cantarero Pallets, Inc. manufactures new wooden pallets for numerous different shipping applications for all of your shipping needs. We offer a wide range of new pallets and skids built to your exact specifications or to meet specific shipping needs.


Our hardwood and softwood is of the finest quality available, and we use precision cutting and trimming equipment for meeting the exacting standards and expectations of our customers.

Whether you’re looking to buy recycled pallets or avail wooden pallet repair services, we’re here to help.

Our New Bolingbrook, IL Facility

Bolingbrook Facility

Let's create any size pallet order you need.
Tell us about your shipping requirements today.

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