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3 Different Types of Pallets You Should Know About?

Every business requires effective transportation and storage facilities to deliver and store the goods safely and timely. Pallets are structures used in both of these processes; they protect the product, cushion the impact and absorb stresses. However, many things can go wrong if you choose the incorrect type of pallet for your business operations. Luckily, we can help you choose the right kind of pallet.

Here are the three different types of pallets.

The Different Types Of Pallets

Pallets are made from different materials which serve various purposes. These include:

Plastic Pallets

If you're looking for durable pallets, plastic pallets are the way to go as they're corrosion- and fire-resistant. But this durability comes at a massive cost due to increasing plastic prices. Moreover, plastic pallets are durable for only light goods as they can break easily under heavy load. These pallets can also be easily cracked, and it's a massive challenge to repair them.

If your firm has the budget and is looking for pallets to store and transport lightweight goods, then getting plastic pallets is sensible; otherwise, it’d just be a waste of money.

Metal Pallets

Metal pallets offer raw strength and can be cleaned easily. However, metal pallets can be a huge burden on your firm’s budget due to their price rally. If you’re buying a metal pallet, you need to ask yourself whether the huge cost is worth the benefits or not. Moreover, metals are susceptible to rusting, which can damage the pallet and decrease its lifespan.

While metal may be the strongest pallet out of all the types, the real problem is its durability and high costs, making it unreliable for supply chain management.

Wooden Pallets

Perhaps the most famous of the pallets are the wooden pallets. They're used widely due to their vast benefits. Wooden pallets are light on your pocket, and you can also buy remanufactured wooden pallets from reputed firms to manage your costs.

These pallets are light in weight but can handle heavy loads too. The increased friction in woods makes these pallets the perfect objects to transport goods without getting damaged. Wooden pallets are available in a variety of options. If your wooden pallets get damaged, you can repair them using a nail and a hammer or convert them into furniture objects, such as small tables and chairs.

Wooden pallets are also found in different shapes, including a two-way entry and a four-way entry. These different shapes give you the flexibility to add different goods to your pallets. You can also get a solid deck pallet covered from top to bottom to ensure no object slips out from the pallet.

Buy Customized Wooden Pallets Today

Wooden pallets can enhance productivity in your supply chain department. So, what’re you waiting for? Get customized wooden pallets from Cantarero Pallets, Inc today. The wooden pallets we provide are durable and have raw strength. We also offer remanufactured wooden pallets at affordable rates to make them accessible to all kinds of firms. Our twenty-year experience in this industry has allowed us to build wooden pallets according to our client’s specifications.

Contact us now for more information.

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