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3 Mistakes To Avoid With Your Custom Crating And Shipping

Bulk freight shipping.

Going into the shipping business with no prep can leave you with more problems than you can count. From figuring out custom regulations, the ideal transportation method, and even the size of your wooden pallets, everything needs careful deliberation.

Instead of going in with hearsay advice, here are some common mistakes many custom crating and shipping companies make. And advice to prevent you from doing the same!

Not Picking The Right Transportation Method

The world is moving fast, and there are multiple transportation modes not just for you, but also for your products! When you opt for shipping, there are many transportation systems you can choose from. And the sooner you pick one, the better. Here are the most commonly used transportation routes.

1. Rail transportation

2. Ocean transportation

3. Air transportation

4. Truck transportation

Each of these transportation systems has its own timelines to reach the destination. Depending on your client, product, and duration, you can pick one that works best for you. Understanding what works is crucial to avoid delays or any unprecedented mishaps!

Not Understanding Your Product Needs

When dealing with pallets, you’re going to find multiple materials and will also be tempted to pick the most affordable one. However, it’s important to think about your product and what would work best for it.

If your product has a high moisture content, then opting for a regular wooden pallet wouldn’t be the smartest decision. Most wooden pallets have high moisture content, which could lead to mold and bacteria infestation, which can spread to your product. Instead, heat treated pallets would be the better option. But if you’re on a strict budget, you could look into the pros and cons of plastic pallets. At the end of the day, the decision lies in your hands, depending on your product type.

Guessing Crating Measurements

Pallet rack.

Guessing the dimensions and weight of your products alongside the size of the wooden pallets you should use is an incredibly risky business practice! The last thing you want to do is order standard sized pallets that don’t fit your product.

Instead of dealing with a loss before your shipment even exits the warehouse, you can opt for custom wooden pallets that are made, keeping in mind the weight and dimensions of your product in mind. This way, your product could have the perfect fit and never worry about any problems while shipping.

Whether you’re looking for wooden pallets for sale or want to make custom pallets for your business, get in touch with us at Cantarero Pallets. Contact us for more information about our products.

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