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3 Things To Look For In Wood Pallet Suppliers

Pallet with boxes.

Finding a good wooden pallet supplier is crucial for a smooth supply chain process from the warehouse to your customer’s location. Dealing with the wrong company can cause delays or even poor quality pallets that bring a myriad of problems to deal with!

Instead of choosing a pallet supplier out of the blue, follow these tips to ensure your pallet supplier has these redeeming qualities that will work in your favor!

Production Capacity

It’s important to work with suppliers who have a large production capacity. The last thing you want is to place a bulk order for wooden pallets and have them give you a long waiting time. Remember, in business, time is money, and the longer you wait, the more money you lose!

Ensure they can tackle large orders from you since chances are you won’t be ordering just 1 or 2 pallets at a time. Understanding the orders that the supplier can facilitate can help you adjust your expectations from them accordingly.

Wood Pallet Choices

When working with suppliers, it’s best to have one that caters to all your needs. It can become a nuisance to coordinate with different suppliers for separate pallets. So, having a one stop shop is always ideal.

You might be in need of recycled wood pallets or brand new wood pallets, or heat treated wood pallets, depending on where you’re shipping your products. And instead of finding a new supplier for every order, try to find one that caters to all your separate needs with high quality products and enough stock!

Excellent Customer Service

Customer service representative.

Customer service can make or break the service provided by a supplier. You don’t want to deal with a supplier who is only responsive until they take your money and then disappear for weeks on end.

With suppliers, constant communication is crucial. It helps keep things in check, and any changes in supply can also be relayed. Find out what their customer service is like. Are they responsive? What is their after-sale policy? Do they try their best to understand your needs? The more you find out about how well they treat their retailers, the better idea you’ll have about them as a company.

Cantarero Pallets Inc. is a trusted pallet supplier that gives you quick deliveries and high quality supply chain management products. Contact us today for more information.

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