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3 Ways Warehouses Can Prevent Damaged Stock

Warehouse with crates on wood pallets.

If you’re part of supply chain management in a warehouse facility, then workplace safety should be on top of your list of priorities. Alongside employee safety, stock safety should also be given precedence, since either injury can be majorly stressful to deal with.

There are a few practices you can follow up on to ensure everything stored in the warehouse is done so correctly and wouldn’t risk anyone’s safety. Here are a few tips that could promote a functional and safe working environment.

Employee Training

No matter how put together your staff may appear or how much experience they have under their belt, workplace safety training should be something everyone goes through. It gives them an idea about what conduct is expected from individuals in the workplace so they can follow suit.

All training sessions should educate employees on how to handle and store products without causing harm to themselves, their colleagues or the stock. Make it a habit for employees to report any damage incurred by the wood pallets so they can be replaced swiftly, since leaving them in their damaged condition can lead to breaks and damages.

Responsible Operation of Machinery

Forklifts, pallet jacks, dock levellers, wheel chocks, and bumpers are just some of the many widely used equipment in a warehouse. If used incorrectly, the helpful equipment can cause more harm than convenience. Your stock can get dropped and be unusable because the equipment used to transport them wasn’t handled properly.

It’s not enough to hand over the keys to an equipment to an employee because they said they can handle it. Hold testing sessions to ensure they’re well trained and can operate machinery without incident.

Buy Suitable Pallets

Stacked wood pallets.

One of the main ways to keep your stock safe is by investing in good quality wood pallets. You might be tempted to go for plastic pallets, but their slippery surface can make stacking difficult, which puts your products in danger.

Additionally, buy custom made pallets that suit the unique size of your products. If they’re frozen items or contain moisture, heat treated pallets are a safer option since mold won’t grow and further damage your supply. A reliable pallet supplier can walk you through a wood pallet choice that supports all your needs.

We at Cantarero Pallets pride ourselves on providing excellent industrial pallets online. Contact us today for more information about our custom wood pallets.

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