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4 Ways to Spruce Up Your Garden with Wooden Pallets

An eye-catching recycled wooden pallet fence

Wooden pallets are one of the most overlooked recyclable wood pallets, especially the ones lying in your backyard, attic, or garage.

Millions of wooden pallets are manufactured and distributed every day and a huge chunk of them end up in landfills. What if we tell you that you can utilize unused, old, or even slightly deconstructed wooden pallets to beautify your home garden?

Let’s find out how you can do that.

1. An Alluring Garden Walkway

Take your garden design up a notch by adding an alluring, wooden walkway. This is a great way to enhance the focal aesthetics and bring the look together. The key here is to design a wooden pallet in the low traffic section where you don’t move around with wheel barrows, carts, or mowers.

Start by prepping the wooden pallets with primer rather than laying it directly on the soil. For rot prevention, scrap out a bit of the gravel and fix the pallet in place. And the best part about this DIY is that you don’t need to have pristine pallets; even slightly cracked or dismantled ones will work. They’ll give a funky and earthy look to your garden.

2. How About a Raised Garden Bed?

Whether you like to plant flowers or grow veggies, a raised garden bed can be the perfect addition. The soil in a raised garden bed can warm quickly, requires less manual work, and protects plants from ground dwelling insects. Moreover, the raised roots promote the growth of healthy and ripe edibles.

The ideal height to make a wooden pallet garden bed is 6 to 12 inches but you can go higher to meet your personal requirements. Paint the wood green or multi-color and kick up garden aesthetics with this effortless DIY.

3. Hanging or Wall Planters

Vertical gardens are the best pick for gardening-lovers who’re short on space. If you don’t have a home garden or a lawn to grow veggies or plant sunflowers, put wooden pallets to use. Nail the boards onto a living wall and fill them with soil. Remember to mount them with sturdy cleats and screws.

4. Garden Fence

Wooden fence aren’t just for aesthetic, they’re extremely functional, especially if you have furry friends. A recycled wood fence is a cost-effective addition to outdoor gardens that prevents dogs, rabbits, and woodchucks from ruining your beautiful roses and tender lettuce plants.

Garden table and chairs made of recycled wood pallets

In addition, if you’re feeling like putting in more labor and creativity into your DIY, you can also turn reclaimed wooden pallets into a beautiful outdoor dining table and seats.

Buy Custom Wooden Pallets Online

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We’re a leading wood pallets manufacturer and product packaging supplier in Chicagoland, dedicated to offering high-quality heat treated wooden pallets. You can also get custom pallets made according your operational and business needs.

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