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5 Reasons Wooden Pallets Are Safe For The Food Industry

When it comes to food, hygiene is always one of the things that is top of mind for most people and food producers. Read on to find out why wooden pallets are the first choice for packaging and how they have sanitary properties and other benefits in the food industry.

Ever since wooden pallets were invented, they have been used to transport food. This tradition continues today, with wood pallets being the first and only choice food producers make when distributing their products. Wood pallets are safe for transporting food in many different ways. Not only that but they are affordable and reliable. Keep reading to find out why wooden pallets are safe for use by the food industry.

Wood is Safe In Contact With Food

Wood that is clean and dry is not an environment conducive to reproducing bacteria. It is also not likely to harbor pathogens. This means that wood does not possess health dangers when it comes to bacteria or microbes. And wood can remove contaminants from its surface easily.

Contaminates Do Not Stay On The Surface Of Wood

Pathogens and liquids found on the surface of wood get absorbed and brought away from the pallet surface, making it clean. Plastics and other materials do not have this ability and keep those contaminants on the surface. When those types of materials are used, there is more of a risk of cross-contamination because they will come into contact with other objects and equipment.

Wood Can Be Easily Sterilized

Wooden pallets can be easily sanitized in a cost-effective way, making them perfect for use with food. In fact, food producers commonly use heat treated wooden wallets, which are guaranteed to have all contaminants, pests and organisms removed. Wooden pallets can also be kiln-dried in order to remove moisture and prevent the growth of mold.

Quality Wood Pallets Will Not Puncture Or Damaged Packaging

High-quality wooden pallets from a reputable supplier will not damage packaging. This is another area of concern for food distributors. Damaged packaging allows foods to come into contact with contaminants.

Pallets Are Designed To Meet Industry Specifications

There are standards that need to be met when a company builds their pallets. Pallets that correctly meet these standards are reliable and ensure good performance even under stress. They will have low failure rates and are very unlikely to damage or contaminate food products and packaging.

For these reasons and more, wooden pallets are the best option for the packaging and distribution of food products. This is because they are safe, sanitary, are relatively low in cost and have a good weight capacity. They can be easily sanitized to ensure food safety throughout all stages of distribution.

Cantarero Pallets, Inc. ensures that the wooden pallets they produce go above and beyond industry standards in cleanliness and durability. Contact our pallet experts today for your wooden pallet needs in Chicago, IL.

If you’re curious about which type of wood species would be best for your pallets, contact Cantarero Pallets, Inc. today to learn more!

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