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Cost-Saving Decisions to Make When Buying Pallets

Stacks of pallets

If you run a warehouse, there may be different things that can add to the costs. One of the biggest contributors to these costs is wooden pallets for shipping and storage. Luckily, you can easily reduce pallet costs. Here are some ways.

Buy Refurbished Pallets

Typically, a refurbished pallet is as strong as a new one. While it won’t be as good looking as a new one, if you’re trying to save money, you can make do with the lack of aesthetics!

Along with being strong, they’re significantly cheaper than new pallets. That’s because their damaged areas are fixed using different wood species. Moreover, refurbished pallets are put through intense heat treatment to get rid of possible insect infestations.

Look For Repair and Return Programs

After pallets are used month after month, they can wear out and sustain damage. Instead of tossing the pallets in the trash and spending money on new pallets, you can look for repair and return programs. You can send your damaged pallets and have them repaired at a lower cost than getting new ones.

Stacks of pallets

Buy Pallets in Bulk Quantities

Pallets are either sold in partial truckload or full truckload quantities. If you want a lesser quantity than a full truckload, you may want to order a partial truckload of pallets. However, since there will be ample space in the truck, the company will add a delivery charge to your bill.

Instead, you can get a full truckload of pallets. This way, you’ll be able to eliminate the delivery fee and get a lower per pallet price. If you get more pallets than you need, you can always store them in a safe area for later use.

Be Mindful of Lead Times

Keep the lead time in mind and reduce the cost of pallets easily. If you’re in a position where you need pallets ASAP, the supplier will have to send them urgently costing you more money. To avoid paying such a high price, you should keep a check on your inventory and ensure that you’ve got enough pallets to replenish.

Buy Industrial Pallets Online

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