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Different Pallet Types and Their Uses

If you own a business with a warehouse, you’ll need high-quality pallets for your shipping and storage needs. The best kind of pallets is wooden pallets available at Cantarero Pallets. However, there are different variants in wooden pallets which serve different uses. Learn all about them below.

Block Pallets

Block pallet

Block pallets are built for four-way entry. It means that their design allows a forklift to lift them from any side. Wooden block pallets are made with 9 blocks supporting 7 deck boards. Thin pieces of stringer boards form a mat and are laced between the wooden blocks and deck boards.

Block pallets are designed in a way so they can be transported easily by forklifts. They have different bottoms supporting different forklift entries, like parallel, perpendicular, perimeter, and overlap bases.

Stringer Pallets

Stringer forklift

Stringer pallets are built for two-way entry. It means that their design allows a forklift to lift them from two sides. Stringer pallets contain two stringers running between the bottom and top deck boards, hence the name.

Stringer pallets are best used when businesses want to spend less money or dispatch a partial unit load. The pallets are typically used for shipment where it doesn’t matter if the pallets are sent back.

Double-Face Pallet

The name of these pallets refers to the deck boards used at the bottom and top of the pallet. When the pallet contains a bottom layer of deck boards, it can increase its overall strength. It makes it possible to distribute the weight of the pallet easily. It’s best for avoiding accidents such as a falling load.

These pallets are available in non-reversible and reversible types. A reversible pallet can hold the products and be lifted from any side. A non-reversible pallet can only lift the weight from one side. Therefore, if you need to lift heavy weights, you should use a double-face pallet as it’ll be sturdier.

Moreover, you can also set the pallet quickly and lift the weights, without worrying about keeping the right side of the pallet up.

This doesn’t mean that a single-faced pallet can’t work best for your warehouse. You must consider the kind of weights you’re going to lift and how regularly you’re going to lift them.

We at Cantarero Pallets pride ourselves on providing excellent industrial pallets online. Contact us today for more information about our custom wood pallets.

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