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Everything You Need to Know About How Wooden Pallets Are Made

Wooden pallets are usually used for commercial product packaging in the supply chain department. Although suppy chain experts know how to use these pallets effectively, not many people are aware of how they’re manufactured.

Here's a guide that explains how wooden pallets are made.

What Materials Are Used?

When you're manufacturing any item, you must select the correct material to ensure your final product is of top quality. Wooden pallets will use wood, but the real question is what type of wood is best for a pallet?

Wooden pallets are usually made from a combination of hardwood and softwood. They use hardwood as it provides raw strength. Hardwood such as Oak is usually obtained from trees known as angiosperms. Oak is regularly used for manufacturing wooden pallets due to its increased availability and capability to withstand heavy objects.

Softwoods are used in wooden pallets as they're cheap and can easily dry. Softwoods like pine are used in the wooden pallet industry due to their massive strength-weight ratio. Pine is also preferred in wooden pallets which transport medications and food products. This is because in case of a spill, if you'd have to clean the pallets, pine can dry quickly, and you can resume your work shortly.

The mixture of softwood and hardwood gives wooden pallets their unique properties. If you're looking to get the ultimate wooden pallet, you must ensure you have the correct combination of materials.

What Is The Process?

Although processes for customized wooden pallets can vary according to your specifications, this blog will talk about how to make a basic wooden pallet.

You’d first have to gather pallet cants, which are massive sheets of wood. You’ll have to cut and trim the cants to the proper specifications of the wooden pallet. Once you’ve accurately cut the outer dimensions of the wooden pallet, you can move towards cutting pieces of wood to attach to the pallet to make it a two-way or a four-way entry. Once you've developed all the pieces, it's time to attach them. Grab hold of some nails, and get to work.

Once you’ve attached all the pieces, send the wooden pallet for strength testing to ensure it can withstand a heavy load. After the tests are completed, your wooden pallet is ready to be delivered.

Buy Wooden Pallets Today

Understanding the wooden pallets manufacturing process shouldn't mean that you should start producing them, as setting up a wooden pallet factory can be a massive burden on your pocket. However, if you ever need wooden pallets, you can always visit Cantarero Pallets, Inc.

We’ve been providing new and remanufactured wooden pallets to our clients for twenty years now. Our team of experts can efficiently manufacture, load, and deliver wooden pallets. We have a massive twenty-five truck fleet to ensure all our clients get their pallets delivered on time. Through remanufacturing wooden pallets, we aim to make a positive impact on the climate and make them affordable for our clients.

Reach out to us now for more information.

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