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Everything You Need to Know About Pallet Distribution Network

In today's world, wooden pallets are used to store and transport tons of products every day. The increased international trade has boosted the use of pallets, and it's estimated that their market size is expected to reach over 110 billion dollars by 2027.

If you're curious about how the pallet distribution network operates, read on.

A wooden pallet warehouse with numerous trucks.

What are the Features of an Excellent Pallet Distribution Network?

An efficient pallet distribution network can ensure no delays in the delivery of your wooden pallet. Before hiring a wooden pallet manufacturer, you must check if they've got the following features.

  1. Warehouse Facility: If your pallet manufacturer has a warehouse facility, this is an added benefit for you. Warehouses in multiple locations can help speed up the pallet distribution process. Moreover, reputed firms have temperature and humidity-controlled warehouses to provide ultimate safety to the wooden pallets. Heat treatment is also given to the pallets in these warehouses to prevent bacterial and mold growth.

  2. Fleet Of Trucks: If you order wooden pallets in bulk amounts, you'd want the manufacturer to have a fleet of trucks to ensure you get your pallets right on time.

  3. Customer Service: Customer service is an integral part of any pallet distribution network. You'd want to be in constant communication with the pallet manufacturer to be informed about the pallet delivery.

The Pallet Distribution Process

The pallet distribution process is almost the same for every firm. While there may be some differences, the overall chunk of the process remains the same. The process starts once you place an order for your pallets. The company would first check its warehouses and calculate if the stocked pallets are enough for your order. Once the pallets are confirmed, the trucks are dispatched to the warehouse. The pallets are then packed in the warehouse, and the trucks are loaded and shipped for the final destination.

Many reputed wooden pallets manufacturers offer excellent customer services to always inform you about the delivery status. The whole process takes about a day or two or to complete. If any firm takes more than this, it's a big-no from our side. Imagine holding up on your deliveries and making your customers wait just because you couldn't get your pallet delivery on time.

Concrete stacked on a wooden pallet

Searching for Top Quality Wooden Pallets?

A wooden pallet is an integral part of any supply chain. Untimely delivery of pallets can hamper your supply chain management. This is why industry experts recommend Cantarero Pallets, Inc. due to our ultimate professionalism in manufacturing wooden pallets. We've been in the pallet manufacturing industry for over twenty years, and we've developed a twenty-five truck fleet that can deliver your wooden pallets in a jiffy. We can manufacture and repair customized wooden pallets for your commercial product packaging. Our team of customer support professionals strengthens the trust with our clients and keeps them informed about their pallet delivery.

Contact us today for more information.

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