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How To Keep Your Pallets Safe from Damage

Forklifting pallets

Pallets are imperative when it comes to the daily operations of a warehouse. While there are different variants of pallets, wooden pallets are perhaps the most widely used. Now, pallets don’t come cheap, therefore, you should follow these tips to keep them from getting damaged.

Keep the Pallets Dry

Preventing wooden pallets from getting wet is crucial to keeping them in optimal condition. Many people think that wooden pallets can get weak and break when exposed to moisture. However, the real concern regarding moist pallets is mold.

Moisture doesn’t impact the strength of the wood. However, it does cause mold to grow and spread. For instance, according to the FDA, food and pharmaceutical enterprises cant receive products that are exposed to mold.

The most effective way to safeguard your pallets from moisture is to store them in a cool, dry, and well-lit place.

Offer Forklift Training

Forklift training is the best way to prevent wooden pallet damage and ensure employee safety. Therefore, you must provide adequate training to your employees about the safety and lifting techniques to avoid pallet damage.

The lifters should know the best speed to move around. They should keep the tines in line with the pallet. They should also spread the tines before using them for lifting.

Pallets stacked on top of each other.

Handle Them Properly

People handling the pallets should know how to balance and manage the speed when moving the products on the pallets. You should never toss or drop the pallets. If you want the pallets to last, then you must be careful.

Avoid stepping on them and don’t put your entire weight on one section of the pallet.

Moreover, you should use proper stacking methods to ensure that your pallets are in optimal condition. The pallets should be stacked evenly. This will ensure they don’t topple over. You should ensure that if there are weak or broken pallets, they shouldn’t a part of the pallet stack as they can cause the stack to fall over damaging other pallets.

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