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One-way wooden pallets-can they be used more than once?

2022 | Categories: Logistics

Every business owner certainly notices large price increases in the pallet market. This has an obvious impact on transport and shipping costs. We are living in a time of unstable supply chains, which involves looking for economical solutions. On the other hand, there is the important issue of protecting the environment and reducing pallet waste. How, then, to extend the life span of one-way pallets, most commonly used in logistics?

One-way pallets, or in other words disposable pallets, are among the most widely used load carriers. We cannot imagine supporting and protecting many valuable goods and complex supply chains without them. They are like a link between the economies of countries all over the world.

Nowadays, however, it is necessary to consider the options for ensuring supply more sustainably. A major concern for many companies is the durability of the pallets they use in their daily operations. How can wooden pallets be more sustainable so that they are not limited to a single-use? In this article, we will set out to answer this question for you, but first, let's establish what disposable wooden pallets actually are.

One-way wooden pallets - transport to destination

Disposable pallets are non-returnable packaging. This may be due to the fact that when goods are transported to other countries over long distances it is not profitable to return the pallets.

One-way pallets can have different specifications and dimensions and you can use less timber in their construction. Therefore the price is lower. They are an economical alternative to Euro pallets and can be adapted to suit the customer's transport or a specific load.

They are very frequently used carriers by exporters in various industries, production companies and warehouses. Let's find out what makes them so popular.

Unusual pallet dimensions? Not a problem...

If you have an oddly sized or shaped product, then it is worth checking with reliable pallet manufacturers. It is a flexible and practical solution. It turns out that standard pallets do not always fit specific tasks in supply chains. In contrast, wooden pallets designed to a specific specification match the size, material or strength of a particular product. The advantage of non-standard pallets is that they minimize damage to goods, facilitate packaging and storage, and optimise space.

You can also recover unusual size pallets to provide them as input to your circuit again. Many pallet suppliers support the entire preservation process. So, if you transport your goods on non-standard pallets to various US states or European countries that has specialized depots, they can be repaired and put back into your working cycle.

Benefits of using one-way pallets Cost savings

The main advantage of disposable pallets is to ensure the safe shipment of goods in a cost-effective way. They are often manufactured for a single shipment with no planned return transportation costs.

They are an attractive alternative to standardized under certain US and EPAL licenses, which must meet specific standards and is much more expensive. It is why businesses opt for one-way wooden pallets wherever they need to look for savings without sacrificing delivery quality.

Commonly used Euro pallet alternative

Pallets are usually designed according to the customer needs or the type of goods. It turns out that single-use pallets can be reusable wood pallets used by other suppliers, provided you repair and maintain them regularly. Disposable pallets are often EPAL pallets to be interchangeable. However, this does not mean that they cannot be reused.

Wide applications in all industries, trades, and services

Because disposable pallets are in theory designed for single use, they are often used for export purposes. Single-use pallets mean that they are most often not recycled again but shipped to customers at selected destinations in the world.

Disposable pallets are robust and durable. People use them in virtually every handling or manufacturing industry. Some examples include but are not limited to transportation, the electronics industry, wholesale and retail, and the automotive industry.

You can reuse pallets for other transports

If pallets with goods travel long distances, there is no economic reason to bring them back. However, if your disposable pallets are located in countries where specialized pallet makers operate, they can tailor your specifications and designs for best shipping rates.

Buy-back programs is a useful service that reduces delivery costs and saves resources for your company. Besides, it has a positive impact on environmental protection, as it allows you to continue using solid used pallets. In this way, transport pallets become a logistic tool and not a disposable waste.

You can recycle pallets and reuse them

Businesses in various industries often use custom-designed pallets because it saves money in the long run and reduces the stress of damaged parts, unnecessary transport costs and space-consuming goods. If your pallets have unusual dimensions, you can reuse them.

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