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Recycled Vs. New Pallets: What are the Differences?

Wood pallets.

Wooden pallets are a standard choice in the commercial industry. They’re used in warehouses and for shipping purposes and are a key investment that help transport large quantities of product from point A to point B.

When purchasing wooden pallets, you’re bound to come across two widely purchased options; recycled and brand new. Not sure which one to go for? We’ll help you decide!

Pros of Brand New Wood Pallets

Durability: When purchasing new wooden pallets, you’re automatically going to get higher strength and durability than its recycled counterpart. New hardwood pallets can handle extremely heavy weights, including machinery, so they’re a great choice for shipping heavy weight products without the worry of breakage under pressure.

Readily Available: Wood pallets are incredibly easy to procure, especially if they’re new. If you’re working in a factory that needs wood pallets ASAP and can’t afford wait time, then new wood pallets are the safest option.

Custom Made: New wood pallets are easier to customize to the dimensions you like. If you have a niche product that can’t be easily fit into standard pallet sizes, then getting custom made durable pallets would be faster and more convenient.

Pros of Recycled Wood Pallets

Affordable: While brand new wood pallets might be a faster choice, they also come with a more expensive price tag than recycled wood. The prices can go up to 70% lower than their brand-new counterparts.

Fast Delivery: You never have to worry about shortages with recycled wood pallets. They don’t need to be built since they’re already previously made and are just repurposed. So you can expect faster delivery for your product.

Environmentally Friendly: Mass cutting down of trees for brand new pallet production can contribute to deforestation and disruption of local flora and fauna. If you want your brand to be more sustainable, then recycled wood pallets are a greener choice.

The Right Choice?

Wood on a green background.

Whether you buy recycled, brand new, or a mix of both, entirely depends on what would work best for your products. Either way, at Cantarero Pallet Inc., we provide custom wood pallets, recycled pallets, and more for your convenience! Contact us today for more information on our products.

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