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Shipping speeds up as Cantarero Pallets improves delivery fleet

Cantarero Pallets, Inc.

Maximizing Efficiencies Of Our Delivery Fleet

Paul W. Norman August 2023

Cantarero Pallets, Inc. maintains a vast fleet of twenty-five state-of-the-art semi-trucks and over three hundred trailers ready to serve our customers. We recently added new trucks and are consistently adding to and improving our fleet delivery systems to serve our customers’ needs in the most efficient ways possible.

With our combined 200,000 square foot Wauconda, IL facility and our new 220,000 square foot Bolingbrook, IL facility, our fleet is well poised to deliver any size pallet orders usually within same-day time frames.

Trucking is a competitive industry and business. Cantarero Pallets, Inc. tracks operating expenses for their trucking, to minimize mileage cost waste thereby minimizing any shipping cost overruns to our customers. “Our new tracking systems will be much more accurate with recording our cost per mile and managing efficiencies of our trucking operations,” said Anwar Cantarero, CEO of Cantarero Pallets, Inc. “This will maximize our overall fleet efficiency and enable us to be even more competitive in pricing the cost of delivering pallets and pallet loads and controlling transportation and supply chain costs,” he added.

“We want our systems to focus more on the cost per mile for our fleet; that will help determine how much we should charge for delivery. It also will help you identify spending patterns and where we may be able to cut costs if needed,” Cantarero said.

Besides calculating efficiencies to save our customers on cost per mile, load management is also at the top of our list to maximize efficiency and control costs.

Load management and optimizing loads is another area where Cantarero Pallets, Inc. gains efficiencies. Cantarero’s goal is to maximize the best potential load. Trucks should be packed and loaded as close to capacity as possible, especially for deliveries of short distances. “We’re consistently evaluating new software available to optimize pickup and delivery routes according to distance or load capacity,” says Cantarero.

Cantarero Pallets, Inc. is also considering partnering with the 21st Century Truck Partnership, a government and industry research collaboration with industrial partners across the commercial truck value chain and government partners. It seeks to foster technological innovation to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs of the nation’s truck freight transportation system.

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