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Ways to Determine the Usability of Your Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets

There are multiple reasons why wooden pallets are a popular choice when it comes to storing goods in warehouses. However, it's important to ascertain that your wooden pallet is safe to use. Here are different ways you can determine it.

Are the Pallets Designed According to Your Required Specifications?

You should conduct an assessment of the products you’ll be storing and moving. The shape and weight of these loads will affect the kind of pallets you’ll need. Your products won’t be safe if the pallets are of the wrong type.

Therefore, it’s imperative that you have written specifications for the pallets. A pallet audit will ensure that the pallet can bear the weight of the product. The pallets should also have guidelines on the weight they can uphold and how many pallets can be stacked over one another.

Forklifting the pallets

The Right Type of Lumber

The safest pallet should be made with the right kind of wood. If you’re working with heavy loads, you’ll need a pallet made out of oak.

The grade of the lumber depends on its appearance. Smooth lumber without any imperfections has a higher grade than the one that has imperfections. You must avoid lumber with cracks and imperfections. This can make a weaker pallet that may not be safe to transport heavy items.

Deck Boards Have Negligible Deflection

If the deck boards on a wooden pallet have a slight bend in them, it means that they’re deflected. Now, deflection doesn’t mean that the wooden pallets will break. Slight deflection is quite common, but it shouldn’t be severe. A deck board with lots of deflection can lead to breakage.

There Aren’t Any Damages in the Pallet

Checking for damages is the best way to determine if your pallet is safe to use or not. When inspecting their condition, you should check the pallet for any breaks. All the pallet pieces should be held together. By having proper storage methods where you keep them clean and dry, you can ensure the longevity of the pallets.

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