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Ways to Reduce Increasing Pallets Costs

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

Are you a factory owner, manufacturer, or retailer? If you're one of those, you already know how costly pallets can be. While per-unit pallet rates may be under $20, when you've got to buy hundreds or thousands, the cumulative costs go significantly higher in the bigger picture.

The good news is that you can take several measures to cut down that eye-watering figure. Here, we have come up with key tips you need to keep in mind to better manage your pallet expenses.

Wood pallet manufacturing

Key Ways to Cut Down Your Pallet Costs

1. Using Refurbished Pallets

Like most other things, using refurbished pallets is considered by a lot of people to be less reliable and prone to breaking. However, that's not necessarily true. Refurbished pallets might not look as good as new but refurbished lumber tends to hold very well.

The durability and sturdiness are usually very good, and you don't have to break your bank to buy them. One consideration you need to keep in mind is to test its weight durability before you buy them.

2. Using 'Repair and Return' Programs

While using pallets that come along the shipment for your outbound shipments, it's a great way to avoid buying new pallets and save costs. Sometimes the pallets that arrive are damaged or broken.

Instead of leaving them around and increasing your site's waste, you should get them repaired and make them ready to use. The costs of repairing pallets are significantly lower than buying new pallets.

3. Buy in Large Volumes

Usually, you have an option to buy the full-load truck or partially-loaded truck of pallets.

Vendors usually charge the number of empty spaces in the truck to balance their books. When you're shopping for more pallets, make sure you order a full-load truck, so you're only paying for what you get.

4. Buy More & Stock Them

Like most products, ordering pallets on the 11th hour to meet your clients' needs inflates its price. The vendor will charge you somewhere around 20% of the value of the pallet in addition to its price for last-minute orders.

To avoid this, you need to implement effective inventory management systems and protocols so you're well aware of your stocks and order them according to the business needs. It's always a good idea to buy pallets in bulk and store them in your warehouse or commercial space, so whenever there's a sudden shortage of pallets, you have got it covered.

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Are you looking to buy pallets for your business needs? Cantarero Pallets, Inc. is a wood pallet manufacturing company that manufactures custom wood pallets, supply chain management products, and other transportation products. Based in Wauconda, IL, we're a family-run business that believes in cost-effective supply-chain solutions with fast delivery times and strict adherence to deadlines.

If you want to avail our services, reach out to us anytime.

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