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Why is Wood the Most Suitable Material for Pallets?

Producing a spectacular good isn't the end of your production journey. You still need to store and safely transport the product to the customer. We've seen many products throughout history, which have been used in supply chain management, but nothing comes close to pallets.

Are you a business owner who must make the difficult choice of choosing a material for the pallets used? Read on to find out why wood is the best choice for your pallets.

Wooden Pallets are Eco-Friendly

In today's era, firms need to be wary of their production processes. If you use production methods that aren't environmentally friendly, you better be prepared for the backlash. With pollution increasing drastically, all firms must stand together and start working for the environment, not against it.

Wooden pallets can help you move toward a sustainable production process as these pallets can be easily repaired. If you've got some out-of-position nails in your pallets, you just need a hammer and some extra nails to revamp the pallet.

You'll be surprised to see the creative products you can come up with in a single wooden pallet. From a hanging garden to durable furniture, you can recycle your wooden pallets and increase their eco-friendliness. If you've always wanted a coffee table for your home or a flower box for your office, wooden pallets can come in handy.

Wooden Pallets are Strong and Durable

Wood is known for its strength and durability. If your wood manufacturer conducts heating and drying treatment on the pallets, it can increase their lifespan. Wood can also withstand high levels of pressure, which makes it a viable option for your heavy products. Wooden pallets also have a high level of friction, making them the perfect option to store your delicate products and preventing them from slipping.

Way Better than the Alternatives

It's no surprise that in a recent survey, 94% of firms preferred to use wooden pallets for their supply chain management. This is mainly due to the vast benefits that wooden pallets possess and the drawbacks their alternatives have. Apart from wooden pallets, plastic and metal pallets are popular in the industry. Firms avoid plastic pallets as they aren't environmentally friendly and they have low friction. Metal pallets are strong and durable, but they are highly expensive. You can get the same amount of durability from a wooden pallet at a much affordable price. Moreover, metal pallets can easily corrode and become rusty. Imagine sending an awesome product, but it's wrapped inside a rusted metal pallet. Sounds awful, doesn't it?

Wooden pallets being used for transporting products.

Looking for Top-Notch Wooden Pallets?

Strong and durable wooden pallets are hard to come by. You won't have to deal with low-quality wooden pallets if you're ordering from Cantarero Pallets, Inc. We're known for our quality, and we can deliver wooden pallets to you without any delay. We can accurately customize wooden pallets as per your liking. We can also repair your old pallets and revamp them. Our twenty-five truck fleet, coupled with our expert customer service, helps us deliver wooden pallets to our clients with utmost professionalism.

So, what're you waiting for? Get in touch with us today for any queries.

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