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Here’s How Pallet Management Can Optimize Your Facility

Stacked pallets behind a fence.

When handling a shipping company, keeping a log on your wood pallets is essential. Many professionals recommend assigning a program or a person who keeps a close check on pallet management, even going as far as saying it helps significantly increase warehouse functionality.

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at the many advantages offered when you invest in pallet management for your wood pallets.

Vendor Consolidation

It can be a long and strenuous journey before you finally bag a reliable pallet distributor that works with your company. And the last thing you want is to sever your relations due to miscommunication and mismanagement.

While high quality wood pallets can last you a long time, you may incur the occasional damage which would need replacement. Or maybe you have an agreement on the number of pallets you receive a month, and you need a change in your quantity. All of this needs to be effectively communicated, and with the help of pallet management system set in place, that could be a much easier feat.

Consistency in Pallet Quality

Man standing on a wood pallet.

If you’re overseeing a large shipping warehouse, chances are you won’t have time to handle day-to-day operations and also keep track of every new and old wood pallet that makes its way into the warehouse.

You might think it’s fine not keeping a constant check on your pallet quality, but that could be an incredibly dangerous oversight. Cracked and damaged pallets handling heavy loads can buckle under pressure and cause severe damage to your products. It’s also a safety hazard, and with there being multiple warehouse injuries that could occur, it’s best to be diligent wherever possible.

More Chances to Recycle

With designated personnel keeping check of damaged pallets, you can even venture into recycling wood pallets. More and more consumers are starting to feel comfortable with companies that try to be eco-friendly wherever possible. At Cantarero Pallets, we take old and damaged wood pallets and remanufacture them into higher quality pallets that could be bought for a fraction of the price.

Whether you’re looking to buy custom wood pallets or recycled wood pallets, we have them all under one roof. Contact us today to get more information on all the supply management products we offer.

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