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Plastic vs. Wood: Which is the Best Pallet

Man sitting on a crate of pallets

Pallets are an essential part of the supply chain. Without them, we can’t move our supplies. We use pallets for storage, transportation, and even to display products in stores. They’re usually made from wood and plastic. However, most people prefer wood.

Both materials have their merits and demerits. Read on to find out which pallet you should choose.

Plastic Pallets

They’re mostly used for moving around frozen and fresh foods. Pharmaceutical companies also use them to maintain quality and adhere to strict hygiene. Plastic pallets come in handy in these situations because they’re not porous, and they're super easy to wash and clean.

Plastic pallets are more expensive than wooden ones. They’re light, and their sleek surface makes them unsuitable for heavy loads. So unless your product weighs less than 1500 Lbs, it’s not a good idea to send it via plastic pallets.

If you’re shipping products overseas and there’s no chance of the plastic pallets being returned to you, investing in plastic pallets will prove to be costlier. Moreover, plastic pallets need to be melted and recycled, which makes them less sustainable. However, they do last longer as compared to wood pallets.

Wood Pallets

Wooden pallets

One of the biggest advantages of using wood pallets is the cost. Wood pallets are far less expensive than plastic ones. However, it’s not always about the cost. With wood pallets, you can send heavier products. In fact, unlike plastics, there is no upper limit to the weight. You can ship as much as you want.

Wood pallets can also be custom-designed. If necessary, the manufacturer can build it with different woods to make them stronger and more durable without adding a lot to your cost.

The great thing about wood pallets is that they are reusable. Even if a pallet is broken or damaged, it can easily be repaired. In fact, you’ll find plenty of businesses that specialize in repairing wood pallets. They’re also more eco-friendly than their plastic counterparts.

Which Should You Choose

So if you’re wondering which ones to use, the short answer is that it depends. If your goal is to send a light shipment, plastic is your best bet. But if the shipment has a lot of weight and you don't have the budget, wood is your best option.

If you’re wondering where to get wooden pallets, we can help. We manufacture commercial wooden pallets at affordable costs. We also offer used wooden pallets for sale. If you have any questions, just reach out to us, and we'll get back to you.

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